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Guide to High Performance Cooling Systems
The information contained in this section is based on Stewart's 25+ years of experience in the high performance cooling system industry. While few truths are absolute, the following guidelines apply to virtually any application and should be followed as closely as possible, in order to maximize the performance and efficiency of your cooling system. 
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Tech Tip #1 - Water Pumps & Pulleys
Tech Tip #2 - Radiator Caps
Tech Tip #3 - Thermostats & Restrictors
Tech Tip #4 - Coolant, Fans, and Hoses
Tech Tip #5 - Radiators & External Plumbing
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section:
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Additional Information & Tips:
Advanced Cooling System Basics
Competitors Comparison
Special Applications - Dirt Race Cars, Street Rods and Pavement/Road Racing