Stewart Components Electric Water Pump E558A

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This lightweight, robust pump provides features and benefits not currently available in any other electric water pump. Stewart's Electric Water Pump has a 10,000+ hour lifespan and includes universal remote mounting with single speed flow up to 55 GPM. These pumps are available hand-polished, or black, and are set to revolutionize the performance racing industry.



  • Computer Controlled, Brushless Motor
  • High Efficiency Flow-Through In-Line Design
  • Liquid Cooled Motor
  • Compact, Lightweight Design
  • Comes in Anodized Black


  • Decreased Energy Draw
  • Drive Mechanism Independent of Engine RPM
  • Cools Engine after Shutdown
  • Easy Remote Mounting - No Weight Penalty
  • Can be used with 12 and 16 Volt Applications
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 6.3” long x 4.25” wide

Inline Booster Pump - Stewart's inline booster pump is intended for vehicles that experience overheating problems in low RPM situations. Since mechanical water pump speed is directly linked to engine speed, overheating becomes a major problem in situations such as parades, cruises, and stop-and-go traffic. The inline booster pump solves this problem by working in conjunction with the mechanical pump to create constant added flow to the engine block; the pump has been proven to increase flow by more than 300% at idle!

These pumps are currently being used by NHRA Pro Stock Champion Warren Johnson and Kurt Johnson by Dart Industries, and Jim Yates — as well as road racing American Lemans and SCCA World Challenge.